Zoom Yoga Classes

Zoom Online Yoga Classes, Fall 2022

The scheduled sessions run for four weeks.

SESSION I: September 12 – October 12
SESSION II: October 31 – November 30

(Two week break in between)

Gentle Yoga: Mondays 10am – 11:30am PST
Level I/II : Wednesdays 10am – 11:30am PST


Posting the link for the entire class session bypasses the need to send out links each week, but requires that classes be first come first served.  (Class size maximum is 100 so I don’t believe there will be any difficulty in getting in!)   I recommend that you zoom in 10 minutes prior to the class beginning. 

Payment will be on the honor system with two options:

  • By check made out to me:  Lynne Minton and mailed to 5961 Everson Goshen Rd.  Bellingham, WA 98226   

Class Fees

  • $12 for individual classes 
  • $10 per class for 4 or more classes.   Discount is calculated at check out.

Due to the nature of zoom I may not always be able to see you on my screen. 

If questions arise during class you can type them into the chat which I may answer during  class if possible or after class.   


Please set up near an accessible wall space with enough room for the narrow end of your sticky  mat.  If you have enough room for the wide orientation of your mat against a wall, that could be useful, but not required.

Please have at a  minimum:  

  • sticky mat
  • one 6 foot or longer yoga belt
  • two 4X6X9’ foam or wood yoga blocks
  • 3 firm cotton or wool blankets
  • One folding metal chair

Optional additional props 

  • Bolster
  • Eye cover
  • 2 More blankets
  • Sand bags or weights