Zoom Yoga Classes

Zoom Online Yoga Classes

Zoom classes resume on February 20, 2023

Gentle: Mondays 10-11:30 AM PST (9-10:30 AM ALASKA TIME)

Level I/II :Wednesdays  10-11:30 AM PST (9-10:30 AM ALASKA TIME)

$12 drop in/$10 each for 4 or more.


Please set up near an accessible wall space with enough room for the narrow end of your sticky  mat.  If you have enough room for the wide orientation of your mat against a wall, that could be useful, but not required.

Please have at a  minimum:  

  • sticky mat
  • one 6 foot or longer yoga belt
  • two 4X6X9’ foam or wood yoga blocks
  • 3 firm cotton or wool blankets
  • One folding metal chair

Optional additional props 

  • Bolster
  • Eye cover
  • 2 More blankets
  • Sand bags or weights