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  • Spring 2022!

    Spring 2022!

    Spring has a way of lifting spirits.  The reawakening of nature and the extension of daylight revitalizes...
  • Support Ukraine

    Support Ukraine

    If you are looking for ways to help support Ukraine please open this link that was sent to me from a...
  • Communing with Community

    Communing with Community

    Intelligence relies on perception, is wavering, changing, expanding and contracting.  It utilizes the...


    Whenever I visit India, I am amazed that amid the chaos, crowding and cacophony there is much generosity...
  • A Thrill of Hope

    A Thrill of Hope

    If ever the world was weary, this is the time. Universally there has been pain, frustration, fear and...
  • Father Joe Revisited

    Father Joe Revisited

    Greetings Friends of Yoga, As summer wanes and the saga of 2020 continues, strategies for coping with...
  • 2020 Vision

    2020 Vision

    What more can 2020 throw at us? There are so many issues converging at once.
  • Memories of Mom

    Memories of Mom

     Lynne and her 4 siblings collaborated on childhood memories and Lynne delivered this eulogy at their...
  • The Value of  Samyama

    The Value of Samyama

    When riding the skytrain in Bangkok, Thailand the loudspeaker announces at every stop to “mind the...
  • Runaway Truck Ramp

    Runaway Truck Ramp

    On a recent van camping trip where we racked up over 5000 miles seeing the beautiful west coast of the...
  • Affirmative Action

    Affirmative Action

    A little frost, some sand between my toes but very little hometown dirt has stuck to my shoes since last...
  • Settling for Less

    Settling for Less

    Settling For Less: Do you think that yoga can change society? Can it help those who are marginalized...
  • Being Complete

    Being Complete

    Being Complete. To have negative traits is not to be flawed, but to be complete. - Deepak Chopra
  • Calm amidst the Crowds

    Calm amidst the Crowds

    Yogas Chitta Vrtti Nirodha ... Most of you who have studied yoga for any length of time are familiar...
  • Dwelling in Wisdom

    Dwelling in Wisdom

    With age comes wisdom, so the saying goes, but the passage of time alone does not guarantee that one...
  • Traveling Lessons

    Traveling Lessons

    My mother helped to instill a love of travel in me. She was determined to have us, "see the USA in our...
  • Theory into Practice

    Theory into Practice

    Yoga is based on a set of theories. Faith and belief systems don’t require and often discourage testing...