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Happy New Year 2024

We had a Seinfeld NYE.  Things did not turn out as expected and the sense of humor was not lost on us. 

Hrdaye cittasamvit

HRDAYE CITTASAMVIT: One translation is, “ Perfect concentration on the heart reveals the contents of the mind.”

Being Energy Matters

BEING    ENERGY    MATTERS Patanjali Yoga Sutra II. 20 The Seer is pure consciousness.  It witnesses Nature without becoming reliant on it. II. 24 Ignorance is the cause of […]

Fall Newsletter – JOY is a state of Being

“To lead an effortless life, abandon resistance to what Love requires in the moment.”  

Spring 2022!

Spring has a way of lifting spirits.  The reawakening of nature and the extension of daylight revitalizes my mind and heart.  The emerging life all around is a reminder of […]

Support Ukraine

If you are looking for ways to help support Ukraine please open this link that was sent to me from a friend in Moscow, Idaho.

Communing with Community

Intelligence relies on perception, is wavering, changing, expanding and contracting.  It utilizes the 5 senses and methods that are measurable in the world of matter.  Knowledge, or knowing, relies on vision which is what we “see” with our eyes closed. It is stable and doesn’t waver with circumstances.

The 21 Day Restorative Challenge

The 21 day challenge was one that several yoga communities promoted and practiced to help assuage the stress of the Covid shut in.


Whenever I visit India, I am amazed that amid the chaos, crowding and cacophony there is much generosity of spirit. 

A Thrill of Hope

If ever the world was weary, this is the time. Universally there has been pain, frustration, fear and grief wearing us down in 2020.