Weekend Workshops 2018:  The Value of Samyama

Weekend Workshops 2018: The Value of Samyama

Samyama is a term that implies a level of mastery over what we choose to bring the focus of our minds upon and the effects of such a focus.  Although its seems that the choices we have are infinite, the primary choice is always between what is of value and what is not.  For a yogi, value is choosing that which brings about the transformation of mind from a divided, separate, chaotic state to a unified, peaceful and benevolent state.

Chitta prasadanam is one term for this benevolent state of mind.  It requires awareness but is not difficult.  In fact when done with ease, the whole process is relaxing and enjoyable, and with practice and committment leads to the profound state of adhyatma prasadanam, manifestation of the light of divinity.  Here fear and division melt away and we recognize our shared nature as indivisible mind and the ever extending spirit of love.

Friday evening:  Yoga sutras will have a Samyama theme throughout the weekend;  Restorative yoga, Pranayama and meditation

Saturday AM:  Yoga sutras,  Asana with a balance/core theme

Saturday PM:   Yoga sutras,  Asana with inversion and forward bend theme, pranayama, and meditation

Sunday AM:  Yoga sutras,  Asana with backbend and twist theme, restorative finish