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Trusting the Process of Yoga

Awareness and understanding of yoga, or of anything that is important, grows at a unique rhythm and pace for every individual.  Trying to force a shortcut to maturity results in resistance, confusion, and separation.  This is the antithesis of yoga, since yoga is the unity of heart and soul from which trust and respect arise.

Approaching yoga as a process, more akin to falling in love than to working toward a promotion, will make the experience one of expanding freedom.   Mastering technique and striving for accomplishment give way to joy and wonder.  In gaining trust in yoga’s process there is a loss of trust in old responses that once may have “worked” to attain position or favor.  Relationship takes priority over results.  Trust is gained in the the kind response, the compassionate response to bring about deep and enduring supportive connections that are divinely human.


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Theory into Practice

Yoga is based on a set of theories.  Faith and belief systems don’t require and often discourage testing and questioning.  As a result, they are limited by these restrictions.  Theories, by definition, are to be tested.  Our bodies, mind and breath are our laboratories in which we test the theories of Yoga. [···]

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